Do You Believe These Dental Health Myths? – Pt. 2

woman thinkingIn our last post, we debunked four dangerous dental health myths. Here are five more myths you may have believed:

Sugar is primary cause of cavities. In reality, all carbohydrates contain sugar that can break down your teeth. Starchy foods like crackers and chips are just as bad for your teeth as sugary candy.

You get sensitive teeth when your enamel wears away. While enamel erosion does cause tooth sensitivity, it can also be caused by a host of other problems like gum recession and even the use of certain whitening products. If you are experiencing sensitivity, you should talk to your dentist about possible solutions.

Gum disease is only a dental issue. Gum disease can be a sign of other diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and even some cancers. It is best to look into all of the possibilities when seeking treatment.

Whiter teeth are healthier teeth. While it is true that unhealthy things like smoking or junk food can stain your teeth, there are plenty of totally normal ways our teeth can become discolored. Certain medications, the natural process of aging, and even healthy foods and drinks can darken your teeth. Luckily, teeth whitening in Arlington Heights, IL, can be a great cosmetic fix.

If your teeth feel healthy, you don’t need a checkup. A lot of dental issues can only be spotted by a trained professional in the early stages. You might not even notice anything wrong, but your dentist can catch an issue before it becomes painful and expensive to fix. Visit your dentist for an exam and cleaning every six months to ensure that your smile in the best condition possible.