Accelerated Treatments from Our Orthodontist in Skokie, IL

When you are dealing with crooked teeth, the last thing you want to do is wear your braces for many years. With the latest innovations in the industry today, you will perfect your smile without dealing with your appliances for a lengthy period of time. At Northwestern Dental Group, we offer a series of services for accelerated treatments from our Orthodontist in Skokie, IL. With our treatment options, you will achieve a new smile faster. Turn to us today to learn more about Invisalign and our other services.

Straight Smiles with Invisalign

Whether you simply never had braces or your teeth have started to shift out of position over time, there is an option available for you. Our dentist in Niles offers Invisalign for patients in need of minor orthodontic care. We are a trusted provider of this treatment for patients of all ages. By turning to us, you will straighten your teeth without letting anyone know you are undergoing treatment.

How does it work? Invisalign requires the use of clear plastic aligners. If we determine you are a good candidate for this treatment, we will fit you for these custom alignments. You will wear one set for about two weeks before receiving your next set of aligners. This process is continued until you complete treatment.

Invisalign is a popular option, but it is not right for everyone. When you visit us for your cosmetic dentistry work, we will speak with you about this treatment plan. We review your current condition, situation, wants, and needs. With this information, we can form the proper plan for each of our clients.

Faster Results from Accelerated Orthodontics

The most popular question we receive for our orthodontic treatments is “How long will it take to see results?” While it is impossible to create a new smile overnight, our accelerated orthodontics allow us to shorten your treatment time by several months.

It is important to note that many factors affect tooth movement, including genetics, the type of treatment, and environmental conditions. Accelerated orthodontics involves using special treatments in combination with standard devices like braces. In some cases, a minor surgical procedure is also required. Studies show that by combining treatments, patients can see results in a shorter period of time than ever before.

Contact us to learn more about accelerated orthodontics for your treatment. Our dentist in Skokie offers Invisalign and other options for patients near our five locations in Arlington Heights, Gurnee, Skokie, Vernon Hills, and Niles, Illinois.