Straighten Your Smile with the Help of Our Orthodontist in Skokie, IL

Straighten your smile with ease when you work with the team at Northwestern Dental Group. No matter what your age is, we have the right treatment options to craft a stunning smile. Our services for braces in Niles, IL, include discreet solutions. From adult braces to children’s dental treatments, we offer a range of choices for each of our patients. Schedule a consultation with our orthodontist in Skokie, IL today to discuss your options with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

A Straight Smile for Life

One of the most common requests we hear from patients is that they want a bright, straight smile. Even if you wore kids’ braces at an early age, it is possible for teeth to shift over time.

Whether you never had braces when you were young, or you are looking to start treatment for your little ones, we have you covered with our services. Our dentist in Niles works with patients who require minimal or major orthodontic care.

Braces use gentle pressure to shift teeth into position. Most patients wear their adult braces between 12 and 18 months for the top results.

Kids’ Braces for All Ages

Many of us wore braces when we entered our teenage years. Once your children have lost all of their baby teeth, it is time to consider when they will undergo orthodontic treatment. In most cases, children should visit the orthodontist when their permanent teeth start coming in, which is often around age 7.

Wearing braces is normal for any child to go through. However, we understand that children and teenagers can feel insecure by wearing traditional metal braces. We offer a number of different options for our patients, and we are available to speak with you about our various solutions.

Fixing Your Bite

While most patients require orthodontic treatment due to crooked teeth, many choose to wear braces to fix bite issues. In fact, one of the top reasons patients undergo treatment is to correct an improper bite. During these situations, there is not enough room in the mouth to create space for the teeth to move back without extracting one or more teeth. By choosing braces, you will correct these issues before they can lead to more severe problems.

Being Fitted for Braces

How does the process work? Traditional braces are bonded to your teeth using dental cement. Our team is happy to speak with you about your treatment if you are looking for a discreet option.

Contact our dentist in Skokie to schedule an appointment for an orthodontic assessment. We proudly offer kids’ and adult braces for patients near our five locations in Arlington Heights, Gurnee, Skokie, Vernon Hills, and Niles, Illinois.