Orthodontist in Skokie, IL

Get a straight and healthy smile when you meet with our orthodontist in Skokie, IL. At Northwestern Dental Group, we proudly offer a series of different solutions for patients throughout the area. Whether you have crooked teeth or you are dealing with a bite issue, we have you covered with our orthodontic treatment plans.

Undergo an Effective Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is designed to improve the appearance of your teeth. When appropriately used, treatment can also improve the long-term health of your teeth, gums, and jaw joints by adjusting the biting pressure in the mouth.

When you visit us for your services, you will receive the right orthodontic treatment for your specific condition. Our options include everything from braces to extractions to create enough room for your teeth. No matter what your situation requires, we offer a treatment to fit every patient.

Meet with Our Orthodontist

Every patient is different, and every patient has a unique set of needs. During your consultation with our orthodontic dentist in Niles, you will receive a full examination of every part of your mouth. We look at your teeth, take X-rays, and make plaster models of your teeth.

After performing your examination, we can recommend the proper orthodontic treatment for your needs. We will speak with you about each of your options so that you can make an informed decision for your services. Treatment can begin as long as you have enough permanent teeth.

The Right Bite for Life

Are you dealing with bite issues? While many use braces to fix their crooked teeth, many choose to use this treatment to correct their bite.

If you are experiencing issues with your bite, you will not have enough room in your mouth to create space for the teeth to move back without extracting one or more teeth. Our orthodontic treatment lets you correct these issues before they can cause additional health problems.

Contact us today to meet with our orthodontic dentist in Skokie, IL  for your services. We feature orthodontic treatment options for patients near our five locations in Arlington Heights, Gurnee, Skokie, Vernon Hills, and Niles, Illinois.