TMJ in Niles, IL

Have you started experienced unexplained headaches, earaches, and other types of severe pain? Many people are surprised to learn that the source of this discomfort is often found in your jaw. For an effective treatment for your TMJ in Niles, IL, turn to us at Northwestern Dental Group. Our dentist offers a range of different options for patients of all ages who are living with TMD. We help you live a life free from pain. Schedule a consultation with us today for relief when you need it most.

What is TMD?

When you think of oral health issues, you likely think of tooth pain or bleeding gums. However, headaches, earaches, locked jaw, and other problems are often caused by issues with the TMJ joint. In these situations, it is important to receive treatment from a dentist to avoid dealing with pain for the rest of your life.

The temporomandibular joint, also known as the TMJ joint, connects your jaw with the temporal bones of your skull. Most people dealing with TMD issues have a misaligned bite, which causes this joint to become irritated. The misaligned bite can expose nerve endings, resulting in further problems in other parts of the body. In many cases, patients are unable to perform their regular activities without feeling pain and discomfort.

Treatments for TMJ

If you are dealing with TMJ issues, you likely will have migraines, jaw pain, and other discomfort. During your visit to our office, we will speak with you about each of your symptoms so that we can determine the cause of the issue. If joint problems are causing you pain, we are available to perform a range of treatments to help you feel better, faster. We are happy to speak with you about your options so that you can make the right choice for your condition.

How does treatment work? We offer a variety of options that focus on reducing inflammation within the affected joint. By treating the source of the pain while also improving the range of motion of your jaw, we help you continue your life in comfort.

While TMD issues do not typically require surgery, in some situations non-invasive surgery may be recommended. Non-invasive treatment options include dental crown procedures, or custom oral splints. These treatments are designed to help the patient adjust his or her bite alignment, which eliminates the cause of inflammation.

Contact us to meet with our doctor to discuss the cause of your TMJ issues. We offer TMD treatments for patients near our five locations in Arlington Heights, Gurnee, Skokie, Vernon Hills, and Niles, Illinois.