Eat These Foods to Maintain a Healthy Smile

girl eating an appleWhat you eat has a significant impact on your oral health – surprise! Actually, most people know that steering clear of sugary sweets is good for your teeth. However, specific foods can have a positive effect on your smile. Here are seven foods that you can add to your diet to keep your pearly whites looking beautiful:

  • Cheese – Cheese lovers, rejoice! Eating cheese can prevent tooth decay by raising the pH level and increasing saliva production in your mouth. The protein and calcium found in cheese is also a factor in strengthening your enamel.
  • Yogurt – Beneficial bacteria (called probiotics) crowds out the harmful bacteria that cause cavities. Choose yogurt with no sugar added to reap the benefits of calcium, protein, and probiotics without damaging your
  • Leafy Greens – The calcium, fiber, and folic acid found in spinach and other leafy greens protects teeth and can help prevent gum Try adding them to a smoothie if you don’t enjoy the taste.
  • Almonds – These nutritious and delicious nuts are high in protein and calcium, but low in sugar, making them an ideal snack for oral health-conscious people.
  • Carrots – Crunchy and full of fiber, raw carrots increase the flow of saliva to your mouth, reducing the risk of cavities. They are also an excellent source of vitamin A, and make a tasty snack!
  • Celery – This crunchy vegetable acts as a natural toothbrush, scraping food particles and plaque from your teeth as you eat. It also contains antioxidants that protect your gums. Eating celery after a meal can be a great way to keep your teeth clean between brushing.
  • Apples – Apples may be sweet, but don’t let that fool you. The texture of the fruit stimulates your gums and increases saliva production. Like celery, apples can scrub your teeth after a meal if you can’t get to a toothbrush for a while.

If you are interested in maintaining good oral health (who isn’t!), contact Northwestern Dental Group. Our dentist in Niles, Arlington Heights, Skokie, Vernon Hills, or Gurnee can help you keep your smile fresh. Regular dental cleanings and checkups are the most important thing you can do for your dental health.