Three Easy Habits that Keep Teeth White

young woman wearing sunglasses with white teethWhen it comes to whitening your teeth, there are many products out there. However, many of the whitening products advertised do not work or are not appropriate for everyone. The best way to get your teeth white and keep them maintained is to follow these tips.

Brush – Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is essential to keeping your smile white. It doesn’t matter how many whitening strips you use; you can’t whiten without brushing correctly. Use toothpaste with fluoride in it that can help you fight cavities. Some whitening toothpastes can also produce results when used properly.

Floss – Flossing helps you clean hard-to-reach areas between your teeth and is another essential habit that you need to keep your teeth white. You should be flossing at least once a day to maintain optimum oral health.

Rinse – Antimicrobial mouthwash can help keep cavity-causing bacteria at bay and keep your smile bright.

When it comes to keeping your smile bright, the best solution is to keep your hygiene routine solid. Necessary brushing, flossing, and rinsing should be all you need to keep your teeth white if the only thing staining your teeth is food and beverages.

If you have years of stains from smoking, food, and beverages, or for any reason, our dentist can provide teeth whitening in Arlington Heights and the surrounding areas.